O Lord when I look at how   far you have brought where I am, my tears overflows streamlessly  specifically showing how  faithful and kind you have been to have qualified  me...... You always meet my unspoken needs of  me and all my  beloved friends,   I am not worthy, but due to your grace and love  your honestly paid my price, suffered for me  to get life , a mere storm can't shake me when I am in your presence...., what makes me joyful, is that you bless me in and out , you freely send your angels to watch over me and my friends , I  and my friends  , we are in assurance  that as you loved us you will meet our needs,  Open my mouth with wisdom , lay laws of kindness on my tongue, ... I am your vessel , Use me for your purpose as I am waiting to dry my tears. 






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Christ's Care Ministry CCM

Christ's Care Ministry CCM

Kirunda Sula CCM “And this which your eyes now behold, this small beginning of twelve commonplace men, shall multiply and grow until eventually the whole earth shall be filled with the praise of my Father. And it will not be so much by the words you speak as by the lives you live that men will know you have been with me and have learned of the realities of the kingdom. And while I would lay no grievous burdens upon your minds, I am about to put upon your souls the solemn responsibility of representing me in the world when I shall presently leave you as I now represent my Father in this life which I am living in the flesh.” And when he had finished speaking, he stood up.