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The Nature of Prayer

    Bill Bricker
    By Bill Bricker

    The Nature of Prayer ~ The nature of Prayer has it's own energy and power derived from the depths of the Individual's deepest beliefs and Spiritual Values. I find that personally, when I dive into my mind, the deeper in thought, or higher my thinking, the more simple and profound my thinking becomes. In the end the thinking has gotten so focused and centered on my intentions, that there is silence and sweet appreciation in the deepest root of my mind in sublime prayer, which evolves ever so smoothly -- like the gentle flow of some invisible energy, into pure thankful and appreciative Worship. That's how I end my prayers. How do you pray? And worship ~ ~

    5:4:8 Urantia Book The Greek religion had a watchword "Know yourself"; the Hebrews centered their teaching on "Know your God"; the Christians preach a gospel aimed at a "knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ"; Jesus proclaimed the good news of "knowing God, and yourself as a son of God." These differing concepts of the purpose of religion determine the individual's attitude in various life situations and foreshadow the depth of worship and the nature of his personal habits of prayer. The spiritual status of any religion may be determined by the nature of its prayers.