Total Solar Eclipse ● August 21,2017

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    This magnificent eclipse is now less than two months away! Are you ready?

    Next one for us won't be until April 2024!

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    • Paul Kemp Administrator
      By Paul Kemp Administrator

      Urantia Association International


      Science and Spirituality

      It is with a great and joyous anticipation that we await the first solar eclipse to come across North America in several decades.  This amazing eclipse will stretch all the way across the United States of America from Oregon to South Carolina (view the path of the eclipse here). The wonderful thing for Urantia Book readers, is that this eclipse will occur on Jesus’ 2023rd birthday! 

      We are hosting the fourth Scientific Symposium.  These symposia had their origin in 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee.  The second was held in 1991 in Oklahoma City. The third was also in Oklahoma City in 1994.  

      Our Scientific Symposium as in the past, will be a larger event and will be geared more toward the generic reader of the Urantia Book.  In other words, the science topics will be so well known to the presenters, that they will be able to make their subject matter understandable to nearly anybody.

      This exciting event will be held at the Wilderness Camping and Retreat Center near Lawson, Missouri on August 18-21, 2017.  An extraordinary solar eclipse will occur on the occasion of the celebration of the birth of our lord and master, Jesus of Nazareth.  The retreat center is very near to the center of the solar path.  The duration of totality will be 2 minutes and 38 seconds and will occur at 1:08 pm on Monday, August 21st.  We will be in a very dark location, away from lights, so celestial observations at night should be spectacular.

      This conference will be a delightfully balanced jubilee of both Science and Spirituality.  A Sunday night banquet will be devoted to marvelous, worshipful remembrances of Jesus and his remarkable life.  Several remembrance presentations will occur along with music and poetry.

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    • Paul Kemp Administrator
      By Paul Kemp Administrator