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Spirit Concept

Spirit Concept ~
I was born with a brain, and a body mind, and with these I was gifted with inherent talents that were potential. My brain, and body mind, cannot do more than they were created to do in my life. If I work hard, and pay attention, and have faith, I might just be able to develop all the potential that was given to me to use in life. Spiritually I learn each and every day about life and deep personal spiritual Values. I have free-will decision making power to make choices in my life. I can choose to cultivate deep Spiritual Values by using my personal experience in life. But there is no way my material brain, or body mind can be programmed with ‘Personal Spiritual Experience’, I have to live it, and feelingly experience my values to grow spiritually.
Morontia Mota ~ #3
Inherent capacities cannot be exceeded; a pint can never hold a quart. The spirit concept cannot be mechanically forced into the material memory mold.
Urantia Book (556.5) 48:7.5