Did you know that we all have a threshold for happiness?

    Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.
    Asked by Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.

    Did you know that we all have a threshold for happiness?

    Romans 12:12a - Base your happiness on your hope in Christ.

    No matter how happy we are, eventually we will find something to unnecessarily worry about.

    Happiness ensues from the recognition of truth because it can be acted out; it can be lived. Disappointment and sorrow attend upon error because, not being a reality, it cannot be realized in experience. Divine truth is best known by its spiritual flavor. ~ The Urantia Book, (2:7.6).



    One of the hardest things for us to do is enjoy the many blessings in our lives instead of focusing on what we lack.Give yourself permission to be happy right now, and to enjoy all the good in your life. It’s how you’ll attract even more.

    Romans 15: 5-7 - May the God who inspires men to endure, and gives them a Father's care, give you a mind united towards one another because of your common loyalty to Jesus Christ. And then, as one man, you will sing from the heart the praises of God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. So open your hearts to one another as Christ has opened his heart to you, and God will be glorified.


    Abegunde Julius Taiwo.