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Giving the orphanages a place to call a home

    Amule Isaac RCM
    Asked by Amule Isaac RCM


    1.Does Restoration of God's Glory  have child sponsorship? 

    yes. RGCM wants to work towards self- sustainability and development.

    2.Can we send boxes of supplies?

    We recommend monetary donations. Shipping can be expensive and if you are not sending through DHL, there is no guarantee the box will make it. It’s better for them to buy things there to support their economy. We recommend sending letters to the children.

    3.Do you send people on mission trips?

    yes. We encourage people to visit isaac and see the work he is doing. Meet the children and have time hanging out with them. 4.However, we consider this a learning trip; to learn about the culture, and learn from the people. We want you to build relationships.

    5.What is the children’s home about?

    6.Will all the children stay at the children’s home?

    7.How do you pronounce Makenke and kayunga? 

    8.Why Kayunga?

    9.How do people acquire water?

    10.Why are so many children treated for burns?

    11.Why do some parents not take their children to the hospital?

    12.What types of surgeries and treatments does the hospital in Jinja (about a 15 minute ride from Makenke) provide?

    13.Do the local churches in the area help out?

    14.How do we know about impact?