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What is true freedom?

    Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.
    Asked by Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.

    What is true freedom?

    Man does not have unfettered free will; there are limits to his range of choice, but within the radius of this choice his will is relatively sovereign. ~ The Urantia Book, (118:9.2).

    Many of us think freedom is being able to do whatever we want, but the truth is we can’t do whatever we want. There are laws, physical ones and spiritual ones. We may want to fly, but if we jump off of a building, the law of gravity will surely trump our will.

    We have true freedom when we are unaffected by external circumstances. It’s the blissful liberation we feel when no matter what is going on around us, we are unmovable in our desire to become our best in doing His Will.

    Freedom is the experience of choosing to be happy from within – and choosing to share the happiness with others, no matter what,despite the challenges facing us at any particular point in time in our Lives.Consider the following passage in the Urantia book.......

    "If one man craves freedom--liberty--he must remember that all other men long for the same freedom. Groups of such liberty-loving mortals cannot live together in peace without becoming subservient to such laws, rules, and regulations as will grant each person the same degree of freedom while at the same time safeguarding an equal degree of freedom for all of his fellow mortals. If one man is to be absolutely free, then another must become an absolute slave. And the relative nature of freedom is true socially, economically, and politically. Freedom is the gift of civilization made possible by the enforcement of LAW." ~ Jesus, The Urantia Book, (134:6.1) .

    If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed John 8:36 .

    This is true freedom, true freedom only exists in Jesus Christ. How does it happen? God changes our heart by His Holy Spirit. God makes us spiritually alive by giving us a new heart. This heart desires to love God. It sees Jesus Christ as beautiful and desires to love Him as the Lord and Savior of our life. By faith, we give our life to Jesus and receive His forgiveness and freedom from sin. Not only this, but we are now free to do the very thing we were created to do – to honor and enjoy God forever. And this joy in God is from our heart – our new heart given to us by God.

    Acts 17:28 "For in him we live and move and have our being.

    "Peter 3:18, " May we Grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord."


    Abegunde Julius Taiwo.