If the works of God are so great, how great must Almighty God himself be” ?

    Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.
    Asked by Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.

    “If the works of God are so great, how great must Almighty God himself be”
    Holy Are Thou incomparable God of all things! Greatness Are Thou Lord of the Evet Kingdom!

    God is so all real and absolute that no material sign of proof or no demonstration of so-called miracle may be offered in testimony of his reality. Always will we know him because we trust him, and our belief in him is wholly based on our personal participation in the divine manifestations of his infinite reality.

    Who is like thee,Who has measured the waters in the palm of a hand or gauged the heavens with a ruler or scooped the earth’s dust up in a measuring cup or weighed the mountains on a scale and the hills in a balance?.Isaiah 40:12.

    Of God, the most inescapable of all presences, the most real of all facts, the most living of all truths, the most loving of all friends, and the most divine of all values, we have the right to be the most certain of all universe experiences.Urantia Book Paper 102:7.10.

    The Greatness of God over Creation can be clearly seen and study in Isaiah 40:12-32.

    We thank you, Father, for giving us our lives, for all the varied circumstances which constitute this earthly environment, and for the eternal fitness of its arrangement.
    Give us courage to act on your grace, that our lives profit both ourselves and our world.


    Abegunde Julius Taiwo.

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