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Memories Live Forever

Memories of Love Live Forever

When I look at you I remember the little girl of three years who was left with me who didn't know how to pronounce her name.

Who used to cry every day to see father and mother. Who used to move through the neighoburhoods looking for her brother. Who used to ask every one on the street.  Who was too shy to play with her friends.

Who used to ask for food. Who used to cry for friends toys. When i think of those days I thank the Lord that you are still here. I will never forget those years when i was working at a washing bay to make you happy.

Always when I used to come back with gifts. I am very glad that the Lord has mercy over his children and for sure he is the father and mother to the motherless. I love you my little sister Nanuangi Jamawa Juniorious and all the children at Living Hope Foundation, Uganda. I am so humbled to have you all my babies.

Living Hope Foundation

Living Hope Foundation

Mukwana Abdallah Jr. LHFU ○ Children's Charity ● There are over one million orphan children in Uganda because of the AID's epidemic. Please consider becoming involved in the NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services) that are attempting to care for these children.