His Grace Children's Home Thanksgiving Budget 2018-12-23

His Grace Children's Home Thanksgiving Budget


Youth in Act-Uganda



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There are many Orphans and Vulnerable children, and helpless youth out there in the world and for that case Youth in Act-Uganda comes to give support to this young generation and uplifting their hope through mobilization of resources and networking in or to create sustainable livelihood. Through this initiative and everyone's support, we shall be able to achieve our common goal of saving the nation most especially the young generation. Youth in Act-Uganda has played a great role in touching the hearts of the needy and supporting the orphans and vulnerable children. It has successfully established a children's home (His Grace Children's Home) that is taking care of 31 children, 21 at the Children's Home and 10 children in foster. The organization has since called upon the world to join hands and efforts together to fight for a noble cause uplifting the young generation by actively participating in the activities of the organization. Youth in Act-Uganda through its children's home His Grace Children's Home has been able to maintain healthy and happy orphan children by providing the essentials to these needy children. It, therefore, calls upon any individual, organization or club that would feel the love in supporting of its work most especially in the upbringing of the orphans at His Grace Children's Home 


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Youth in Act-Uganda

Youth in Act-Uganda

Waiswa John Billy - Youth in Act-Uganda is a NGO/CSO that is serving real needs of Orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda and empowering the youth. The organization has a significant impact on the well-being of the many Orphans in Uganda due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that has claimed lives of many leaving Orphaned children.