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An Appeal for Help by Numulondo Justine

Children's Charity


I Am the Director of God’s Love and Care Ministry Bugiri- Uganda. My name is Numulondo Justine.

I grew as an orphan as I was born alone in a family and my mother left me and daddy, I grew with my grand parent's but later on they all died and I grew from an orphanage. We suffered a lot in the orphanage, we could go without food, no clothes, the house we used to live in used to leak and the rain could disturb us so I know how it pains to be an orphan.

This forced me to set up an orphanage because I know how it pains by being an orphan. We do give orphans and widows clothes, medication, food, shelter, shoes, scholastic materials and many other things that are needed in life. I started the project some three years ago in 2015 life has not been good, we had no donor to support us and we have financial hardships up to now. We had 25 orphans and 13 widows but we lost one of our orphans in the names of Nangobi Viola so now we have 24 orphans and 13 widows, the boys are 13 and girls are 11 at our orphanage and that is a total of 24 plus the 13 widows so we have 37 people at the ministry. We have challenges as most of the orphans and widows are having AIDS /HIV virus, they need good medication and feeding to see that they can live a longer life and this caused one of them to die due to lack of proper medication and feeding.

We need double beds that can be used by two orphans and we need 13 double beds, we need bed sheets for 37 people, we need mosquito nets for 37 people, we need bed sheets for 37 people, we need blankets for 37 people. We want to purchase land such that we can build an orphanage structure and stop renting houses and on that very land we will carryout developmental activities like agriculture, rearing of poultry and have a ground for children to play. Double beds , one costs $40 and $40x13 beds for orphans only = $520 Bed sheets, one costs $6x37 bed sheets for orphans and widows=$222 Blankets , one costs $7x37 blankets for both orphans and widows=$259 Land cost $1500 Mosquito nets , one costs $4x 37 people= $148 Food $200 Total $2849 We call for someone to build us a gofundme for raising money to get us those needs for our ministry.

Note: we are fully registered and well know at the sub county level and at the district level and very much known in the community due to the three years we have been in service extending help towards orphans and widows and other sick people.

You can learn more about this ministry or make a donation by following the links below.


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God's Love and Care Ministry

God's Love and Care Ministry

Mwandha Julius & Namulondo Justin ○°Welcome to God's Love and Care Ministry ○ There are over one million orphan children in Uganda because of the AID's epidemic. Please consider becoming involved in the NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services) that are attempting to care for these children.