Living In Awareness Within and Without.

Living In Awareness Within and Without


I humbly request all to endeavor to take cognizance of the wave that always comes from the core of the Universe that evokes response.

Even,To be grateful to the Master Of The Universe whenever we experience or become aware of the wave/breeze in to our being is a great response to the Universe.

I strongly believe that People everywhere feel/aware that something is awakening in their being which is putting their whole nature together.Humanity as a whole must pass through such a process of awareness by experiencing this. If humanity does not respond to its core, it will continue to live in fear, in pain, suffering, malice, hatred, treason — and eventually will disintegrate in time and space."

May we all be inspired from within our inner core in order to get the tremendous insight into how to align with our own soul by being always grateful and live a more meaningful life.

Abegunde Julius Taiwo.

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