And a small child shall lead them ● Ava's adventures in sharing and caring ● Isaiah 11:6

Ava's adventures in sharing and caring


When speaking with Robert Walugosi the Director of Butiiki Children's Ministry I discovered a random act of kindness that is worth sharing!

Young Ava pictured above had decided to spend over three weeks of her allowance by making a donation to a children's ministry in Uganda. 

I immediately was inspired to match Ava's spontaneous act of kindness and decided that this response may multiply her efforts among the world's good Samaritans. So if you are moved by Ava's act of kindness click on the Donate Button to match her efforts on her mother's YouCaring site for Butiiki Children's Ministry in Uganda. 



Beth; Ava's mom wrote and told me about this event in Ava's life.

Ava had that $10 from saving up her allowance which is $3 a week. She had been trying to decide how to spend it for about a month.Yesterday I was talking to Ava about what the kids have to eat at BCM (Butiiki Children's Ministry ) and how I was concerned knowing that they don't get enough protein in their diet because Robert can't afford to have it all the time. I showed her a picture of what they were eating that day. She said, "Mom, I am thinking I want to give them my $10 bill." She got busy making a note to Robert and I sent the money to him and the picture of Ava's note and money. Then Robert told me how the new baby was born that day and had no clothes. So I asked Ava if it would be ok if Robert used the money to buy the baby's first clothes. Of course she loved that. She was so happy to see the pictures of the new clothes and the baby.


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The Butiiki Children's Ministry ● Jinja, Uganda, Africa

The Butiiki Children's Ministry ● Jinja, Uganda, Africa

Robert Walugosi ○ The Children of Butiiki Children's Ministry are seeking your help in acquiring the necessities of life. Please take the time to reflect upon our mission here in Uganda.