Topic 2 of 52- Bonded by Friendship


Bonded by Friendship:

Celebrating Sustainability of the Human Spirit
Bonded by Friendship:
A long lasting friendship can provide greater inner satisfaction than any amount of possessions. Yet a heart felt connection can suddenly lose it's spark and turn cold for no apparent reason. One may ask themselves "‘what is wrong with my friend, why am I being avoided", while the other asks themselves, "what did I do, why don’t they tell me what is wrong"?

The ease of communication that once was, can slowly diminish being replaced by uncertainty and distrust. Efforts to reconnect can be awkward causing efforts to be abandoned without either party engaging in an in-depth sharing from the heart. Telling a loved friend what annoys you is more difficult than hearing it from them. Identifying why you feel less connected with a friend is also difficult to identify.

Friendships are built upon a shared energy dance and as one person's outlook on life changes, so does the dance. 
So I ask:

  • - is the lack of emotional honesty part of our culture
  • - need we be so strong as to silently tolerate minor dislikes
  • - could you handle criticism if given in love
  • - is emotional honesty the key to long lasting friendship
  • - why is it difficult to identify and address uncertainties about a close friend?




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