Fundraiser Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo

Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo


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Fundraiser: Abegunde Julius Taiwo

Rev. Abegunde is a long time human teacher of truth who has been tirelessly spreading the Good News about a New Epochal Revelation of Truth arriving on the shores of this world to those living in this day and generation. On this Network as well as many others. 

Recently he has come upon hard economic times in Nigeria. He stands at risk of loosing the family home they have maintained for seventeen years because he has not been able to keep pace with the rental costs.

This is a personal appeal to those who know and love this messenger of truth to assist him in these times of economic stress. 

Spiritual Family Network is attempting to raise at least  $500.00 USD to assist in these immediate financial needs. May the Spirit of Truth guide you in this fundraising activity. 

We will post here the results of these efforts. 



September 13,2017 Anomalous   $80.00 USD  
September 13,2017 Anomalous   $50.00 USD

September 17,2017 Monica Kemp $100.00 USD



Raised to date  $230.00 USD

Thank you for your generous contributions!

Update on September 30,2017 $230.00 USD $265.00CND

was transferred to Abegunde in Nigeria. $75,363.49 Nigerian Naira.



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