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My names are Gingo Henry, I and my friend Carlee Godwin are happy to interact with you.For more Information check our website and help in any way possible to achieve our Goal of purchasing land to do farming, have a permanent home and provide basic needs for education,home use and others.

See our Children Here ○ See our Documentation Here ○ Donate to our Cause Here 

Lots of Love from me, Carlee and BAO



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Build An Opportunity

Build An Opportunity

Gingo Henry - buildanopportunity BAO is a donation-based Non-governmental Charity with A God given Vision. As such, your faithful giving is what fuels our given vision to transform lives of many un privileged children , needy people in the our society. Heaven alone will reveal the true impact that your giving has made on the lives of many people. Look at the pictures on here, read the stories, and watch the videos, our request is that you will get a glimpse of what your prayers and financial support is doing, and see the need of many others also. ​ God`s flock Children Center