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    • Bill Bricker

      Diversity of Views

      Diversity of Views ~ We all have our own ideas what this life means to us. And I personally think that if everyone has their own ideas, and they are not harmful to others -- why not just let them have those ideas, and not argue your own perspective so aggressively. As long as we all ha...

      Tags: Diversity, views, ideas, Universal Father, self-control, liverty, license, self-pride, mastered, unselfish

      • Bill Bricker

        Equal Possibilities

        Equal Possibilities ~   We are all so different in the views of life we hold dear. Many of them are from our societal programming and limited understanding of how the Universe really works. But there is hope -- "but the possibilities for spiritual progress in the ascen...

        Tags: Equal, possibilitiers, views, life, abilities, social, Spiritual, progress, diversidified, enviorments