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    • Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.

      Give me understanding, and I shall live. — Old Testament in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation. — Lao Tse. When y...

      • Walwasa Martin

        About Us

        About us About Us   Activities   Please Help Organization for Community Transformation Uganda here in also abbreviated as “OCT” is an indepen...

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          ...    Contact us Organisation for Community Transformation  P.O. Box 1828, Jinja,...Phone: +256785328349 or +256702838033 Email:

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            The Continuing Emergence of Urantia Religion: New Wineskins ● By David Kantor

            ...the Internet. And just as Guttenburg's printing press drove the transformation of European civilization by m...pulation, so is the Internet driving an unprecedented global social transformation, providing a vehicle through...



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              Organisation For Community Transformation Please Consider Sponsoring One of Our Children          

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                Spiritual Family Photos

                ...nity reflects as the reality shadows of time. True art is the effective manipulation of the material things of life; religion is the ennobling transformation of the material facts of life...




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                  Organisation For Community Transformation

                  Organisation For Community Transformation           Gr...and devoted people and we formed “Organization for Community Transformation (OCT)”. However, it was...


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                  Organisation For Community Transformation

                  Walwasa Martin Director - The mission of OCT is to bring up orphaned and needy children by ways and means of meeting their spiritual, physical and social needs and reaching out to all widows facing welfare problems in both rural and urban communities