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    • Bill Bricker


      Gratitude ~   What are we grateful for in life? How do we show that gratitude to others in life? Is our gratitude Internal or is it an external showing of good energy in our relationships to others we meet in our days?   I know that when I talk with God Within ...

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      • Bill Bricker

        Seeds in the Wind

        Seeds in the Wind ~   It seems we are all trying our best to face this religious challenge, described in the quote from the Urantia Book below. It does take courage to stand up and stand firm in your beliefs -- and learned and earned personal Spiritual Values....

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          Friendship ~   Telling personal stories of your life is a great way to pass on truths you have learned in the process of living that life.  Friends lighten your life, and add that 'Zest' of life to your day.  Friends come in all sizes and shapes.&nbs...

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          • Bill Bricker

            The Personal Work

            The Personal Work ~       We were given a mind to think with, and a body as a vehicle of expression, action and communication. Pray for guidance and clarity in purpose, but don't expect God to do the work for you -- the work is part of our personal experienc...

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            • Bill Bricker

              Equal Possibilities

              Equal Possibilities ~   We are all so different in the views of life we hold dear. Many of them are from our societal programming and limited understanding of how the Universe really works. But there is hope -- "but the possibilities for spiritual progress in the ascen...

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