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    • Bill Bricker

      Seeds in the Wind

      Seeds in the Wind ~   It seems we are all trying our best to face this religious challenge, described in the quote from the Urantia Book below. It does take courage to stand up and stand firm in your beliefs -- and learned and earned personal Spiritual Values....

      Tags: Religious, challenge, love, urantia, personal, spiritual, values, insight, philosophy

      • Bill Bricker

        What is your Opinion ~

        What is your opinion ~     Something funny, well maybe not, happened this morning on a personal posting. On one of my writings from the Urantia Book, the one saying that God was a loving God and not a wrathful God. Someone on my Posting wrote how little I know...

        Tags: Urantia, revenge, wrathful, angry, love, God

        • Bill Bricker

          The Right Path

          The Right Path ~   I have found for myself that it is much easier for me to just go for what I think is right and true, each day -- do my best, which sometimes is good and sometimes not so good of an effort -- and just raise myself up the stairway of life step by ...

          Tags: Urantia Book, Jesus, human life, humanity, religion, faith, love, personal, experience, fear, Spirit, God

          • Strange Preacher

            War & Peace

            War & Peace    From the abundance of the heart spring the issues of life and not scripture. The self deceived heart may endeavour to make its foul intentions acceptable by wrapping them up in the righteousness of scripture but excrement wrapped in gold is still exc...

            Tags: War, Peace, Prophets, Strange Preacher, Love, Hate