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    • Bill Bricker

      The Sublime Personal Experience of Faith

      ...text: "rather a sublime experience and a profound conviction.&qu...a living and growing personal experience I've found you can cultiv...te, like a garden. Plant some Inner mental/spiritual seeds, along with...d creed, but rather a sublime experience and a profound conviction whi...

      • Bill Bricker

        Spirit Concept

          Spirit Concept ~ I was born with...tivate deep Spiritual Values by using my personal experience in life. But there is no way...can be programmed with ‘Personal Spiritual Experience’, I have to live it, an...

        • Bill Bricker

          Thinking Positively -- getting into the Habit ~

            Thinking Positively -- getting into the Habit ~ &nbs...  103:9:5 [#3] Urantia Book Although religious experience is a purely spiritual subjective phenomenon, such an experience embraces a positive and livin...

          • Bill Bricker

            Personal Growth in Personal Religion

            ...ersonal Religion ~   Personal growth is an Inner experience, and usually it is something...t be bestowed, received, loaned, learned, or lost. It is a personal experience which grows proportionally to...

            • Bill Bricker

              The Impossible Moment to Express with Words

              ...h one of us -- that special moment of clarity in our own personal experience of Inner worship of the Universal Father....t man’s comprehension of the Universal Father is a personal experience. God, as your spiritual Fathe...

              • Strange Preacher


                Abba Abba   &nb...hs was to relate to each person the experience of knowing God – &lsquo...te the conscious realisation of the experience of knowing, personally, that...ourselves and within ourselves the experience of spiritual assurance that c...

                • Garrdin

                  Three distinct forms of religious devotion

                  "While the religions of the world have a double origin—natural and revel...he Father in heaven—the religion of the spirit as demonstrated in human experience.

                  • Bill Bricker

                    The Personal Work

                    The Personal Work ~       We were given a mind t...n't expect God to do the work for you -- the work is part of our personal experience, so enjoy it, even if it'...

                    • Strange Preacher

                      The Religion of the Urantia Book

                      The Religion OF the UB:   1. The Kin-dom of Heaven is at hand....ole universe is a School - you can learn from every person you meet and every experience you have. The only failure is...

                      • Strange Preacher

                        The Good Samaritan

                        ...nded upon the personal spiritual experience of recognising the Fathe...f Man or, simpler, your personal experience of the love of God...of dogmas or doctrines. Such an experience may inspire dogma, doctrine, of the indwelling spirit, the inner guide that leads the way for every...