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    • Bill Bricker

      The Right Path

      The Right Path ~   I have found for myself that it is much easier for me to just go for what I think is right and true, each day -- do my best, which sometimes is good and sometimes not so good of an effort -- and just raise myself up the stairway of life step by ...

      Tags: Urantia Book, Jesus, human life, humanity, religion, faith, love, personal, experience, fear, Spirit, God

      • Bill Bricker

        Spirit of Truth

        The Spirit of Truth ~     When I look Within my mind, and I do my best to 'feel' the experience of sensing the Spirit of Truth in silent awareness, I can feel the presence that is truth at the bottom of each question, and at every turn in t...

        Tags: Spirit of truth, truth, experience, Holy Spirit, Universal Father, Thought Adjuster, soul, Paradise, destiny