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    Urantia Africa Conference (African Unity and the New Revelations) March 30th 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Live in Jinja, Uganda and via Zoom Conference Call worldwide Register HERE 

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    • Risen Philly

      Urantia Africa

      Urantia Africa   We are attempting to cover some of the travel...endees and if there are surplus funds they will be put towards the next annual Urantia Africa Conference.  ...

      • David Onche

        Fundraiser: Spiritual Family Network

        Fundraiser Spiritual Family Network  Fundraiser for the Spiritual Family Network. Supporting the Urantia Movement and the gathering of the brotherhood /sisterhood of all mankind into a single world wide Family. 

        • David Onche

          Fundraiser for Spiritual Family Network (This Website)

          Please help us maintain the Social and Spiritual Services on Spiritual Family Network About Spiritual Family Network   Spiritual Family Network ht...