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    • Paul Kemp Administrator

      Please Visit Butiiki Children's Ministry - A Children's Charity in Uganda

      • Raafat Fried ABU REIDA Children Gaza

        Help Children Gaza | Charity Fundraising Page with GoGetFunding … عبر @GoGetFunding

        • Paul Kemp Administrator

          Thank you Marissa Bodden for joining our Children's Charity Support Services. We will be building up re...shortly as we now have quite a number of Children's Charities on the Community Ne...tors arriving to find out more about the Children's Charities on the Community...

          • Billy John Waiswa

            Hello family, greetings to you all. This is a humble appeal to you all the good with the feeding of the children at His Grace Children's Home. It's a couple of days

            • Billy John Waiswa

              Hello brethren, we continue to ask for your help to feed the hungry children at our Children's Home. Please join us for support. God bless you!

              • Kirunda Sula CCM

                Hello all to all our beautiful Brethrens ,.praise God ....we kindly appeal to any one who make a big difference......our address is ......Receiver: KIRUNDA SULA...Country: UGANDA....

                • Nabirye Moreen

                  Hallo our dear friends. I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! I am Nabirye Moreen, one of the children at Youth in Act-Uganda / His Grace Childre...

                  • Lyagoba Roman Bridge of Life

                    Shalom to you all our great supporters! We thank you for all you have gifted upon the orphaned children of Bridge of Life Ministries in Uganda! May God bless you all.

                    • Gingo Henry

                      Since Agriculture is the backbone of Uganda,through farming, i and our needy children will over come the disease of poverty and i believe its the easiest solution to help.Some of the orphans with tools

                      • Carlee Goodwin

                        Welcome to Build an Opportunity! My name is Carlee and I am so happy to be a part of this spiri...mily. I met Gingo Henry a little over a year ago. He runs an orphanage near Kampala, Uganda....