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    • Mugerwa Shamiru

      Comment on "Adopting the Samaritan Children from afar"

      A great thought of wisdom here was therefore invented by mom Jane from USA, this is still on going and with the vision of upholding the lives of the orphaned children in Uganda at Safo home. Godspeed to whoever wishes to be interested in adopting a child from a far.

      • Mugerwa Shamiru

        Comment on "Staff & Widows of SAFO"

        At heart she loves the children of Safo and as well the children do love her.

        • Mugerwa Shamiru

          Comment on "Adoptable Children from afar at Samaritan Foundation Orphanage"

          Orphaned children need lots hands to encircle them. This creates an extended planning momentum and increases the chances of these children to grow in the line of their dreams, and gives them a great knowledge about how they are also loved and that they are therefore not alone.

          • Monica Kemp

            Comment on " After church."

            Wonderful! God's children acting like children!

            • Paul Kemp Administrator

              Comment on "Mother's Heart Child Orphanage Campaign Fundraiser"

              Campaign Ended Final Payout $90.00 CAD Payment Sent WU Tracking number (MTCN): 898 *** * Zahara Secretary Mother's Heart Child Orphanage Uganda Tr...98 *** *454 WU agent location 6 ,7 PAYOUT LOCATION Uganda...

              • Mugerwa Shamiru

                Comment on "Photo of the day ● "

                Togetherness among Safo children creates love, and jo y among them. The state of art of how this world will bring Safo children closer to the hearts of good citizens, we shall be able to experience physical changes, spiritual changes and bright future for them. Love the works here.

                • Paul Kemp Administrator

                  Comment on "Wall posts"

                  And we to Wanume are blessed to also have a new friend and brother from Uganda.

                  • Paul Kemp Administrator

                    Comment on "Thank you for your help!"

                    You are very welcome children of Butiiki Ministry.  Always remember that wisest of sayings that Robert placed upon the banner of the ministry "With God All Th...

                    • Mugerwa Shamiru

                      Comment on "Mugerwa Shamiru CEO Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO"

                      Just to keep our community active and so here you can find more of my new photo of the day. You can as well leave a comment of how you feel about it as a good citizen. Safo love you all from Uganda.

                      • Paul Kemp Administrator

                        Comment on "Samaritan Foundation Orphanage Annual Fundraiser"

                        Thank You, Anonymous Donor! Your generous donation of $500.00 CAD has just been transferred...NSFERRED $500.00 CAD RECEIVED 1,357,248.00 Uganda Shi...k paid for the Transfer Fees to Mugerwa Shamiru in Uganda...