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    • Marissa Bodden

      Lord's Mercy Foundation Sponsorship Program

      Lord's Mercy Foundation Sponsorship Program Our Certificate ●...;  WELCOME TO OUR SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM!!! Please take your time a...dation We have just started a Sponsorship Program to help meet the needs for ea...

      • Amule Isaac RCM

        sponsorship letter for the church blog

        17/08/2017 Bro. amule isaac Restoration of God' Glory Church Childern's Ministry jinja,(uganda) To...Restoration of God's Glory Church. Many thanks in advance for your sponsor...

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        • Paul Kemp Administrator


          Truthseekers is... a growing community from al...  Truthseekers activities and programs empower young adults to disc...adults who have begun their search for truth. Our program provides them support and enc...

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          • Derrick

            Sponsor a Child today.

            ...difference to a child in our programs is through child sponsorship. By sponsoring a child, your...The Encourage Youth Ministry sponsorship program provides critical financial&...for the children.  Sponsorship also provides the sponsor...

            • Amule Isaac RCM

              Child Education Sponsorship

               Discussions at Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry ●    All children deserve a chance to education. I...

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              • Marissa Bodden

                1. Lord's Mercy Foundation Sponsorship Program

                Lord's Mercy Foundation Sponsorship Program Sponsorship Program   Welcome to The Lord's Mercy Foundation Sponsorship ProgramSponsorship of chil...Monthly sponsors also have 4 sponsorship payments allocated toward...

                • Susan M Sesay

                  FAQ about Sponsoring a Child at STYGF

                  ...Young Girls Foundation 1./ How long does sponsorship for a child last? You sponsor a child, the child will stay in the program until they graduate from high sch...ional training while we look for alternative sponsorship opportunities for college...

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                  • Marissa Bodden

                    Index Page of Projects

                    ...draising     Sponsorship Program   Every child...; link below to learn more about how the Sponsorship Program works and how you can help.&n...Daily Bread General Funding Program Daily life at an o...

                    • Paul Kemp Administrator

                      Urantia Revelations ● Thought Gems

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                      • Paul Kemp Administrator


                        RCM Child Education Sponsorship    All children deserve a chance to education. It...isit us follow us to the donate...

                        • Amule Isaac RCM

                          RCM Educational Sponsorship Program

                          Restoration of God's Glory Church Educational  Sponsorship Program  Restoration of God’s Glory Church Childern’s Minisrty needs volunteers ,patterners and sponsers to fund the childern’s Education.The cost to sponsor is  $60.00 USD three times a year.

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                          • Mugweri Philly

                            ...ake a life long difference to a child in our project is through Child sponsorships. By sponsoring a child, your...nding which will allow your child to remain part of a vital Christian program in their community. https://s...

                            • Mugweri Philly

                              At MUGA-CHILD-OUTREACH we love crafts and we train local people plus our kids how to be self supporting in there commun...l send you the form to fill. They are still some more children available for sponsor...



                            • Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry
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                              Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry

                              ISAAC AMULE ○ Restoration Church is a the place to be. In that place there is peace,joy and salvation. In R.C.M it's where people's souls have been set free and many have been redeemed trough the servant of God Bro.ISAAC AMULE ,My humble prayer is,God remarkably bless your servant Bro. Amule Isaac, Richly bless the works of his hands,and bless the blessings of his children. I thank God for my spiritual home." God be the glory.
                            • Lord's Mercy Foundation
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                              Lord's Mercy Foundation

                              Wantanda Ronald Lord's Mercy Foundation - There are over one million orphan children in Uganda because of the AID's epidemic. Please consider becoming involved in the NGO/CBS (Non Government Organization / Community Based Services) that are attempting to care for these children.
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                              • Paul Kemp Administrator

                                Sponsored Children

                                Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga Sponsored Children In Uganda their are over one million children orphaned and in need of support from the world communities. Please if you will help to remedy this situation by becoming one who is willing to Sponsor one or two of these chi...

                                Tags: Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga, Naigaga Naume, Our Children, Sponsorship Program

                                • Naigaga Naume

                                  Maganda fahad Sponsored

                                  Maganda Fahad Sponsored by Naomi from Australia

                                  Tags: Hope Orphans Centre-Iganga, Naigaga Naume, Mwiri K Emmanuel, Our Children, Sponsorship Program

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