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    • David Onche

      Fundraiser: Spiritual Family Network

      Fundraiser Spiritual Family Network  Fundraiser for the Spiritual Family Network. Supporting the Urantia Movement and the gathering of the brotherhood /sisterhood of all mankind into a single world wide Family. 

      Location: Salt Springs Nova Scotia Canada

      • Monica Kemp

        Monica Kemp

        A Urantia Book reader since 1986, retired from teaching 5 years ago and am currently nanny-ing our 11th grandchild, in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

        Location: Salt Springs Nova Scotia Canada

        • David Onche

          Fundraiser for Spiritual Family Network (This Website)

          Please help us maintain the Social and Spiritual Services on Spiritual Family Network About Spiritual Family Network   Spiritual Family Network http://SpiritualFamily.net is a world wide sweep net community designed to attract and train human teachers of truth who are fully ...

          Location: Salt Springs Nova Scotia Canada

          • Paul Kemp Administrator

            Paul Kemp Administrator

            Websites http://SpiritualFamily.net  https://www.quora.com/profile/Paul-Kemp-19 http://Machiventa.org http://MachiventaMelchizedek.org http://SoulOfUrantia.org https://about.me/PaulBKemp  

            Location: Salt Springs Nova Scotia Canada