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    • Paul Kemp Administrator

      Q● It's better not to pray than to pray without the spirit of GOD? So what is the spirit of GOD? And how can I get it?

      ...g the expenditure of that effort which is requisite for the so...n soul and it always brings forth an addition of power not an...volution which also forms a part of the experiential values of...iend, yet because of your importunity he will get up and give...

      • Barry Culligan

        The Kin-Dom is at Hand!

        ...ople will stagger from sea to sea And from the north even to the east; They will...uo; but the enlivening spirit has long since departed. Though their marvellous st...ence is to vomit death and pestilence upon the earth. They slaughter the proph...

        • Strange Preacher

          Next Generation Gospel

          ...theless valid.    Part of the difficulty we experien...p; Jesus was so skillful in the art of putting new spin on old tr...e taught and lived. For all his effort to ensure that his followers...! The death of an old god and the birth a new and everlasting Ideal;...

          • Rev. Abegunde Julius Taiwo.

            Easy Learning Africa Welcome to our Blog

            Abegunde Julius Taiwo It is compassion,  the most gracious of  virtues which moves the world

            • Bill Bricker

              The Sublime Personal Experience of Faith

              ...ndation of a good attitude, and the whole life perspective changes slowly as you refine yourself along the way. It seems that Jesus knew this and started from childhood. He was the...

              • Robert Walugosi

                Welcome to our Mission - Butiiki Children's Ministry Jinja Uganda

                Robert Walugosi C.E.O and Director Children's Ministry - Uganda Phone: +256-0759362077 Robertwalugosi70@gmail.com P.O. B...

                • Mugerwa Shamiru

                  Welcome to The Samaritan Foundation Orphanage

                  ...ther and the neighborliness of man. "A certain man was going down from Je...o robbed him, stripped him and beat him, and departing, left him half dead. Very...l make each and every one a super star here on earth even as our Creator Father h...

                  • Bill Bricker

                    Music has power a whole world to transform

                    ...that is special. I love to move in that gentle yet powerful flow of the arts I've learned and practic...at would I do without it?! I think we all have some type of music, or art, or something we listen to, o...

                    • Bill Bricker

                      Mota #17 Ambition ~

                      ...e balance point.   No one really can strive for virtue. You are, or you are not, virtuous. You can strive to be a b...until it is fully socialized. You have not truly acquired any virtue until your acts make you wo...

                      • Mugerwa Shamiru

                        The Children of The Samaritan Foundation Orphanage

                        ...the love of the Father and the neighborliness of man.   "A certain man was going down from Je...nds of cruel brigands, who robbed him, stripped him and beat him, and departing, left him half dead. Very...