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      On Love

      On Love You may never have felt loved! Right now, you may be in position where you feel nobody cares, you may have been abused or neglected. You may have b...

      • Lyagoba Roman Bridge of Life

        Prayers & Thanksgiving

        Prayer & Thanksgiving  Lyagoba Roman Bridge of Life Ministry When you give to others, your own life is enriched, when you serve others, your own life is served, when m...

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          Reply on topic: Crop Circles ● Who ● What ● When ● Where ● How

          Midwayers and ET's Making Contact WHO ARE THE MYSTERY MAKERS...hands who physically moved the stone from the tomb of Christ, frightening the Roman and Jewish guards to the poin...

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            The Future

            The Future - Religion  ...r set in motion those teachings which conquered the Roman world in three hundred years...s not a psychic illusion. All of man's universe romancing may not be fact, but much...