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    • Naigaga Naume

      In life no one chooses to be an orphan. No parent wishes to die and leave his or her children without security. Orp...nds who have ever responded to the cry of these people and the needy world in general. I...

      • Raafat Fried ABU REIDA Children Gaza

        Help Children Gaza | Charity Fundraising Page with GoGetFunding … عبر @GoGetFunding

        • Marissa Bodden

          We have received all of the mattresses for the 35 children in care at The Lords Mercy...ease click on the link on this page and it will redirect you to our YouCaring fundraising page. Thank you and have a bl...

          • Naigaga Naume

            OUR MESSAGE TO THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD OF FRIENDS Let us fight and we restore the happiness of the orphans in Afri...nd the available in very infertile THE CHALLENGES FACING THE ORGANIZATION IN GENERAL 1....