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    • Bill Bricker

      The Thinking Process

      The Thinking Process ~   It seems that the process of Thinking is up to us, but we have the Spark of God (Mystery Monitor/Adjuster) and the Angels that spiritualize, improve, modify, and adjust our direction of thinking to eternalize it. We have the last say, the ...

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      • John Mark

        How can I communicate with angels?

        What are the best techniques and practices to establish a communication with an Angel of God assigned to our watchcare here on earth.

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        • Paul Kemp Administrator

          Talk with Angels

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          • Paul Kemp Administrator

            How can I communicate with angels?

            How can I communicate with angels? Q● How can I communicate with angels? A● Every citizen of this world would do well to better understand and know these loyal and holy heaven sent helpers of our earthly sojourn. Those who spend little or no time contemplating such eternal realities ...

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