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    • Paul Kemp Administrator

      Children Needing Adoption

      These little ones are looking to be included in the Adoption from Afar Program. Their must be no child left out of this important Program for assisting these little ones in accessing the necessities of life.    .  

      • Paul Kemp Administrator

        Adoption Monica Kemp ● Tony Wandera

        Adoption From Afar Monica &Tony  

        • Paul Kemp Administrator

          Adoption From Afar Samaritan Foundation Orphanage

          ...mpting to provide the necessities of life and participation for these orphan children in the educational institutions of Uganda.  The adoption program is to provide these children...

          • Amule Isaac RCM

            RCM Educational Sponsorship Program

            Restoration of God's Glory Church Educational  Sponsorship Program  Restoration of God’s Glory Church Childern’s Minisrty needs volunteers ,patterners and sponsers to fund the childern’s Education.The cost to sponsor is  $60.00 USD three times a year.

            • Paul Kemp Administrator


              RCM Child Education Sponsorship    All children deserve a chance t...us http://spiritualfamily.net/pages/view/4190/rcm-education-sponsorship-program follow us to the donate...

              • Marissa Bodden

                Sponsorship Program Lord's Mercy Foundation

                  Lord's Mercy Foundation Sponsorship Program

                • Mugerwa Shamiru

                  Tony & Monica

                  Adoption from Afar...Tony & Monica

                  • Paul Kemp Administrator

                    Adopted Children


                    • Paul Kemp Administrator

                      Sponsorship Album

                      Jinja Church Children's Home Sponsorship Program         

                      • Mugerwa Shamiru

                        Darlene & Namataka Shanita

                        Samaritan Adoption from Afar Adopted by Darlene  Darlene Gladu Petrie She is growing very fast!!!! She is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Happy happy bel...