An Appeal to the Good Samaritans of the World from Hope Home Orphans Center



Hi friends I am Sylvia Andera director of Hope Home Children's Center located in Bugiri Uganda.

I would like to thank everyone praying and thinking about the work I am carrying on here in Uganda and I am also asking for your support to get a laptop or smart phone to be used at the orphanage to reach more people who can support our ministry. And help to create awareness to others of the work with the children bring done over here.

Outreach is essential for funding our needs. Recently the phone I have been using got spoiled and now I just go to café to make updates at the orphanage Facebook and Network sites and this costs a lot of money everyday.

So I am calling for your support. Together if we can find good Samaritans to donate like $10.00 - $20.00 - $30.00 - $50,00 to make a goal of $200 or $300 we can get laptop or a phone over here so we can continue to outreach our mission to the good Samaritans of the world. This is essential for finding the support the children require for education and the necessities of life, food, clothing, housing etc..

So Please let everyone be blessed and support our outreach work and let's also consider even a donation to make these children's Christmas a good and happy one. As well as to give them new Hope in the New Year.

With $500.00 It will feed these orphans and provide outreach capacity!

Please donate and make them to smile. Thanks and may GOD bless you all.

Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for your New Year.

Also please keep in mind the power of sharing this page. If you are not able to assist us financially you increase our possibilities of meeting our needs by 35% to 45% just by sharing our outreach requests with your friends and asking them to also share with their friends.

Money Transfer Donations can be sent directly to
Name:Sylivia Andera
Telephone: 0753014545,

MAIL TO: Hope Home Orphan's Center 
P.O.Box 24 Bugiri Uganda

Donate here on our Website Group


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HOPE HOME ORPHANS CENTER BUGIRI UGANDA - Director Sylivia Andera - I am the managing Director of Hope Home School of Orphans Bugiri Uganda and Hope Children's Orphanage Bugiri Uganda. We are taking care of 71 orphans who don't have any of there two parents and we are located in Eastern Uganda in Bugiri district and basing our mission on Christianity as religion.Hope Home Organization is non government organization and registered organization too by our local district officials in Bugiri Uganda .we do call up everyones support and prayers to the beautiful work we are doing here to care for and support these children and everyone is welcome to join us. God bless you all.