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    • Mugerwa Shamiru
      Mugerwa Shamiru

      Greetings to everyone here, love from Uganda

      • David Onche
        David Onche

        Hi Paul,

        I didn't see much of you today here, hope your day is doing great... Regards!

        • David Onche
          David Onche

          Hello Paul,

          I have sent you an email.

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        • Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry

          Restoration Of God's Glory Church Children's Ministry

          Restoration church is a the place to be. In that place there is peace,joy and salvation. In R.C.M it's where people's souls have been set free and many have been redeemed trough the servant of God Bro.ISAAC AMULE ,My humble prayer is,God remarkably bless your servant Bro. Amule Isaac, Richly bless the works of his hands,and bless the blessings of his children. I thank God for my spiritual home." God be the glory.
        • The Garden Project

          The Garden Project

          Here it is! An opportunity to develop a Urantia based spiritual center, a retreat center, an environmentally sustainable garden community, and a facility for preparing spiritual leaders and teachers.
        • The Planetary Reserve Corps of Destiny

          The Planetary Reserve Corps of Destiny

          The reserve corps of destiny consists of living men and women who have been admitted to the special service of the superhuman administration of world affairs. This corps is made up of the men and women of each generation who are chosen by the spirit directors of the realm to assist in the conduct of the ministry of mercy and wisdom to the children of time on the evolutionary worlds. It is the general practice in the conduct of the affairs of the ascension plans to begin this liaison utilization of mortal will creatures immediately they are competent and trustworthy to assume such responsibilities. ● The gap between the material and spiritual worlds is perfectly bridged by the serial association of mortal man, secondary midwayer, primary midwayer, morontia cherubim, mid-phase cherubim, and seraphim. In the personal experience of an individual mortal these diverse levels are undoubtedly more or less unified and made personally meaningful by the unobserved and mysterious operations of the divine Thought Adjuster.