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Activities in the life we live at SAFO Samaritan Foundation Orphanage! 

    • Mugerwa Shamiru
      Mugerwa Shamiru

      From the most deepest point of my heart, all days come and go as we live a life in our daily living and life experience. But at times we think about where we are from, that's our previous story line and where we are heading that's our future. Here is a very wide aspect to think of, how the future will be as we do our works, how to overcome the challenges we face everyday like rent fees, medication, food shortages and others. But all in all let's do not forget that we are not alone, God is next to us and yes he is doing and preparing something for his children and good caring friends who think about the well being of Safo and the children currently and in future. Thanks brother Paul, for this once again. We love you and great works you perform for the goodness of Safo not only today but even in future. We feel strong again.

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    Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

    Samaritan Foundation Orphanage ● SAFO

    Many, many times during his years of teaching, Jesus told and retold this story of the prodigal son. This parable and the story of the good Samaritan were his favorite means of teaching the love of the Father and the neighborliness of man. "A certain man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and he fell into the hands of cruel brigands, who robbed him, stripped him and beat him, and departing, left him half dead. Very soon, by chance, a certain priest was going down that way, and when he came upon the wounded man, seeing his sorry plight, he passed by on the other side of the road. And in like manner a Levite also, when he came along and saw the man, passed by on the other side. Now, about this time, a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed down to Jericho, came across this wounded man; and when he saw how he had been robbed and beaten, he was moved with compassion, and going over to him, he bound up his wounds, pouring on oil and wine, and setting the man upon his own beast, brought him here to the inn and took care of him. And on the morrow he took out some money and, giving it to the host, said: 'Take good care of my friend, and if the expense is more, when I come back again, I will repay you.' Now let me ask you: Which of these three turned out to be the neighbor of him who fell among the robbers?" And when the lawyer perceived that he had fallen into his own snare, he answered, "He who showed mercy on him." And Jesus said, "Go and do likewise."